Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

HOME STAGING: Interior Styling for Fantastic Frank

I love interior. Good thing you can actually do this as a job. Right now I'm doing some home staging for the Berlin and Stockholm based real estate company Fantastic Frank
Much work, much creativity and fun fun fun. 

images (c)thestreetdiary.com

STYLING: Blackblessed

Check out my styling for Blackblessed by Carlito Schiliró. 

Donnerstag, 3. April 2014

SNEEK PEAK: Shooting with Blackblessed by Carlito Schiliró

Last week we had a photo shoot in between a mix of sun, rain and volley. Guess the photos will be great anyway because of Carlitos wonderful way to capture things. Clothes by the italian label Blackblessed. Hair&Make Up by Natalia Soboleva. Model Joy Fatoyinbo.

image (c) Carlito Schiliró

Veröffentlichung: Spring Trend Special on Cale Magazine

Eva Statz is and will me my favorite girl. So easy to work with and such a beautiful girl. Check out the spring trend special I styled for Cale Magazine. Photographed by Jennifer Hoyer. Hair&Make Up by Christin Scheibe. 

Find the full story here

image (c) Jennifer Hoyer

Veröffentlichung: HUF Magazine

A shoot with photographer Francesco Cascavilla published on HUF Magazine. Styled by me. Make Up by Johanna Vollmer.

See the full story here

image (c)Francesco Cascavilla

Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

SNEAK PEEK: Oh, hi Eva! Cale Magazine Spring Trend Special

Again, I can't wait for the whole story. Isn't Eva just so gorgeous?
The shooting is gonna be published in Cale Magazine. It's all about the spring trends this year featuring many of everyones favorite high street and affordable labels.
Mal wieder kann ich es kaum erwarten, bis wir das gesamte Shooting veröffentlichen. 
Nächste Woche wird es im Cale Magazine zu sehen sein. Es wir ein Frühlingsspecial voller Lieblingstrends und unseren liebsten Highstreet und erschwinglicheren Labels. 

image (c)Jennifer Hoyer
Model: Eva Statz
Hair & Make-Up: Christin Scheibe
Styling: Lisa Rennefahrt

Montag, 17. Februar 2014

SNEAK PEEK: Beauty Shooting for CB Company

Those were some exhausting weeks. 4 shootings in 2 weeks filled with good work, talented people and a lot of lovely clothes I was able to hold in my hands and style them.
Here's a little preview of the beauty shoot I did with Carlito Schilirò for CB Company.
You can also find some of my work now on shootingfabrik.com

all images (c) Carlito Schilirò

Montag, 6. Januar 2014

Eva in the dark for CALE MAGAZINE

And here we go. This is Part 2 of my styling for the Young Talents shoot for the amazing Cale Magazine.
Find the whole story here

image (c)Jennifer Hoyer Photography
Hair & Make-Up Yasmin Nourallah
Styling Lisa Rennefahrt
Model Eva Statz

Big thanks to my wonderful assistant Benjamin Mohrich.