Montag, 9. Mai 2011

DIARY: Tagesoutfit Tennisverein

Gestern hatten wir ja ein Shooting für ein neues Magazin, welches im Juli zur Fashion Week erscheinen wird. Lina als Model und ich habe Dana beim Styling assistiert.

Lina und ich sahen zusammen in unseren Outfits, nach der ersten Location, ganz in weiß gekleidet irgendwie aus wie der örtliche Tennisverein. Fehlen nur noch die Tennisschläger und Schweißbänder und so Kram.

Yesterday Lina and I had a shooting for a new magazine that'll be published in july. Lina of course as a model and I helped Dana as a styling assistent.
We kinda looked like we came from tennis (because of our complete white outfits) after we came back from the first location. There's just a tennis racket and sweatband missing.

I wear H&M shorts, a Cardigan from Minimum, bag from COS and my Miu Miu sunglasses (and I'm searching for stains on my shirt )
Lina wears the clothes from the shooting, a bag from Surface To Air and Converse Chucks.

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  1. patriciaprenzlberg11. Mai 2011 um 08:21

    Liese, Liese, Liese ;D
    you REALLY gave me a hard time waiting for new pictures of your great looks.

    I love the casual summer-feeling your "tennis"-outfit conveys ;D
    soooo jealous of your Miu Miu's too..grrr

    and lina's such a babe!
    xxxxx P